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Wake Forest Rolesvilles Moving Tips

There are a lot of steps that come along with the moving process, and in the midst of dotting all of the is and crossing all the ts, things can fall through the cracks. But don't worry, the experts at Barrett Realty have your back! Don't let the moving process get the best of you—take a look at our top tips for a successful move below, and give our team a call if you have any questions throughout your real estate experience. 

Phase 1:
Before Your Move

Step 1:
Gather Materials

Before you even kick off the packing process, make sure you have all of the materials you need, from heavy duty tape to packing peanuts. 

Step 2:
Start Small

Facing a whole house that needs to be packed up is overwhelming. Take it room-by-room, and you'll be moving along in no time.

Step 3:

There are probably some unnecessary items in your house that are weighing you down. Now is the perfect time to declutter! 

Step 4:
Review Documents

If you're using a professional mover or renting a truck to haul your stuff, be sure to review all of the documents beforehand to avoid issues.

Phase 2:
As Moving Day Approaches

Step 5:
Label Everything

Labeling boxes by room or category will seriously help in the unpacking process. Whether you use color-coded stickers or just a good old Sharpie, try to keep things as organized as possible. 

Step 6:
Know How to Pack

Besides your fragile items, there are some things that should be packed in a specific way to save space and prevent messes. Try using cling wrap on your jewelry racks and around bottles of liquids to keep things together and prevent spilling.

Step 7:
Secure Fragile Items

If you're traveling with fine china, glassware, expensive electronics, or any other fragile goods, be sure to wrap them in bubble wrap, spare sweaters, or other cushions to prevent breakage. 

Step 8:
Take Photos

Do you have a complicated wiring system for your TV, internet, sound system, or any other technology? Take pictures of how everything is set up, so you don't have to figure it out with no reference at your new place.

Step 9:
Prepare Pets

For those traveling with a four-legged friend (or other type of pet), make sure you have the logistics for taking care of them figured out beforehand, whether it's getting them a final checkup or packing a bag with their essentials. 

Phase 3:
During the Move

Step 10:
Keep Essentials Close

Phone chargers, IDs, a change of clothes— you'll want to have access to these things on moving day, so store them in a small nearby backpack.

Step 11:
Have an "Open First" Box

Have a box or clear bin labeled to open first so you can easily find things you'll need right away like toilet paper, sheets, and toiletries.

Step 12:
Do a Deep Clean

Your new home will probably not be this empty again in a while, so now's your chance to do a deep deep clean before you move your stuff in!

Step 13:
Take a Breath

Now, breathe a sigh of relief. The hardest part is over, and you're just a few boxes away from fully relaxing and enjoying your new home!

Still Have Questions or Ready to Get Started?

If you're thinking of buying a home in Franklin or Warrenton County, then it's time to contact the Barrett Realty Team. As your local real estate experts, we're here to answer all of your buying questions,  connect you with the resources you need, and find your dream home at just the right price. Take a look at some of the other home buying resources we have to offer, and give us call with any questions!

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