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Own a home in Rolesville, Wake Forest, Franklin County, Warrenton, or the Lake Gaston area? Just curious about how much equity you've built, or are you thinking of selling your home soon? It's easy to find out what your property is worth. Just provide your address and brief contact information, sit back, and let me do the hard work! I'll research recent sales of similar homes, analyze market conditions in your neighborhood, and determine a competitive price. Ready to get started?

Free Home Evaluation

Have you made any recent improvements, upgrades, or renovations to your property? Your home could be worth more than you think! Ask for a full market analysis of your property below.

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How You Should Price Your Home

One of the most important, and most difficult, parts of selling your home is coming up with a price. If you're like most homeowners, you want to sell your property for as much money as possible while also staying on the market for the least amount of time. So you don't want to price your home too high because it could languish on the market for much longer than it should, but you shouldn't price your home too low, either.

The Best Pricing Strategy Is...

Listing your home for the right price, or the market value, will attract the right buyers, allow them to fall in love with your property, and get your home sold as quickly as possible. As the "happy medium" between a high price and a low price, your home's market value is the best strategy for selling for top dollar and in a short time.

What Determines Your Home's Value?

Since the market value of your home is determined by consumers — that is, home buyers — you need to have a firm understanding of the local real estate market before you try to determine a price for your home. That's where a real estate agent like myself comes in. A seasoned Realtor has intimate knowledge of what buyers are looking for and how the real estate market is doing. Here are a few of the elements that a real estate agent looks at to determine your home's value.

  • Supply and demand: Low supply and high demand for homes often gives sellers the upper hand. Do you know what market conditions are like in your community? Request a Neighborhood Sold Report to find out!
  • Recent sales of similar homes: Looking at the sales prices of comparable properties is one way to tell what today's buyers value in a home. Call me at 919-556-7444 and we can talk in depth about recent sales in your neighborhood.
  • Recent home improvements: You have likely made changes to your home over the years, from minor improvements like painting your walls to major projects like kitchen or bathroom renovations. If you have made these value-boosting improvements, your home can be worth more than you think. Fill out the full property analysis below to find out the true value of your home in today's market.

Request a Full Comparative Market Analysis

If you've made major renovations to your home, such as upgrading your kitchen, installing a new HVAC, or replacing the roof, don't you want to know if your hard work paid off? Use this full comparative market analysis (also called a CMA) to tell me about investments you've made to your home. I'll help you determine the right price.

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